February 12, 2014

dam short film festival 10 -- dramedy: life is funny

"division azul" (E: blue division)
2 men's parachutes get stuck in the trees behind russian lines.  one's a "good" shot.  the other has attitude.

"gator farm"
dad with 2 hot daughter's loses his job and a gator is on the loose!  he DOES have a new 'stang though (AND a free spray tan). my favorite of the block.

"waiting for reneau"
the judge is ALWAYS late to the session...better not complain about it, though.

"bread and butter"
in oz you better not expect butter with your bread...when it's a restaurant policy.

"your cocoon and you"
metamorphosis meets star wars fans.  a human butterfly ensues.

"the last straw"
scarecrows duel it out in the cheesiest half animation short I've ever seen.  great for what it is.