February 12, 2014

dam short 10th annual film festival reviews

(I have a lifetime pass to this festival.)

block documentary A: "pains and pleasures"

"the king of size" rochester body builder bursts both biceps, but continues through support from god.  strong start.

"american lawn"  director after the film put it best.  there are three hot and emotional topics with americans: abortion, gun control and lawns.

"75 pianos" one man decides to play all public pianos on display in boston.  this documentary is missing LOTS of backstory/human interest.

"of cows and men" organic milk farmer feels economic pressure, but selling cows isn't "easy," there's 25 years of planned genetics there.  great B&W.

"the last piano bar" slice of life of 'the alley,' the last remaining piano bar on grand (in oakland, CA?).

"past their prime" a short about coco, the 1st captive born gorilla, and for 20 years now, the oldest captive gorilla.  bonus: lots of rhino hide dust.  my block favorite.

in brief, this session featured a lot of earthy pianos and a lot of animals drooling.