January 13, 2012

join boost mobile, get 25 bucks back


i've been using an android on boost mobile for seven months now and think it's great.  with no contract, i pay $45/month, unlimited everything* (you'd pay $55/month and then it'd drop $5/month every six months if you were on blackberry or android -- $50/month if you're not in those worlds).

the underlying service is sprint, so it works fine everywhere i tread (and will for you too), except WY (but you don't care about that because you're not cool/primitive enough to go to WY).

i use a samsung prevail, which i like very much (and would love if it had more internal memory), but there are two "better" android phones available now: the ZTE warp and the samsung transform ultra (and another even-better one coming).

of course, you don't even have to step into the android world ... there's a bunch of other phones that run from the primitive to the sleek to the bizarre.

if you join and use my referral code, you get $25 credit ... and so do i.  my referral code is: 251995625018.  you gotta use it for us to cash.

if you hate boost and drop everything with them, i'll even send you a check for $15 because had to hassle with the bastards in the first place.

* "everything" in this case includes some super funky features like TXT-to-landline -- if you have a landline phone and want me to TXT you on it, send me your number ... i think it's really funny, you might too ... you can even reply! ... oh, and it doesn't cost me anything to do it.

deep insider tip: the best place to buy a boost phone isn't online, but rather at target.  they have a 90 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee (60 days longer than boost mobile) and will give you refunds if your phone drops in price in the first 90 days you own it ... i did that with mine, no problem.