November 04, 2005

Jdiego's Round 3 vote to va

[originally published at 12:22 -- moved time to 09:00 to make the ideological flow of the postings better. refs of haiku shouldn't have to step between combatants. -b1]

Y'know, every time I come to this page and see those two angry looking poets with punching mitts up, I gotta admit I feel a bit intimidated. Like the one I didn't vote for is gonna sock me right in the puss.

Bearing that in mind, I'll push on with fortitude to say that I think va took this round based on this logic: both delivered some excellent haiku hits, but va's challenges were harder. Thus, he had to have been punching harder to keep up.

We can let Sarah break the tie on this round, or just let the vote stand as is. (This isn't the WBF, after all, or is that WBA? b1 is kind of a Don King character however.)