November 06, 2005

Round 6: Tension Mounts...

tension mounts as
we come down to the wire
how will it all end

Artfully parsing
ancient cultural icons
which one is older?

Technical challenge
thrown in the face of Vegan.
He spits blood, smiles.

Another damn fine round. This time B1 took the tact of humor and Vegan was forced into a technical response. I have to admit that I liked both responses and was going ot give it to B1 until I found out that "suq" was actually a word. These technical rounds are incredibly impressive to me, because my brain doesn't seem to work that way. Because of Vegan's strong response to a difficult technical challenge I am leaning towards Vegan for the round.

I can only hope that a decisive blow is landed in the final round to help sort this out.

Incredible job, guys!