November 18, 2005

Haiku SlugFest Index

The English Language Haiku SlugFest of the World occurred in November of 2005. Following is a set of links that will help you sort it all out (since this 'blog is listed in reverse-chronological order).

(Note: If you shift-click these links you open a new window and can keep coming back to this index.)

The conversation that created the Haiku SlugFest.

The official rules.

The judges:
Captain Hops (Author of "Beer Haiku Daily")
JDiego (Author of "haikus from hell")

The fight and decision (including spectacular combatant analysis). (Best read bottom-to-top. Note: Includes my first ever mondo!)

(This post written 2/12/09 as an index for my application for Santa Clara County Poet Laureate, but put back in correct chronological order for posterity's sake.)