January 25, 2014

noir city 12 - days 1&2 - TXT reviews

"journey into fear" 
orson welles as a turkish police captain to save/possibly rape innocent people.  worse (and funnier) than it sounds.

"the third man"
death with a missing side of lime...a zithering experience.

"border incident"
20-something mexican cop ricardo montalban watches his buddy get sewn into a crop.  2 severed thumbs up.

"in the palm of your hand"
if you're a clairvoyant, it helps if you really CAN see the future...otherwise you're gonna mistake the wrong dead body.

"victims of sin" 
the house band of illegitimate children and shootings is perez prado.  work it!

"too late for tears"
is it worse to sleep with anyone, double cross anyone or say, "I'm not sure I'd love you if you had a heart"?  2 extra points for push-ups.

"the hitch-hiker" 
more people are killed before the opening credits end than the entire rest of the movie.