August 14, 2009

when strangers attack

got this email this morning on my hiptop from a high school principal in

wanted to catch the conversation for posterity.


>> B1,
>> I am serving breakfast at 7:00 on Monday.  As you know it is not a
>> mandatory day but I would like for you to come so you can meet the new
>> people and I can introduce you.  We will be working with computers and
>> new equipment. 
>> Thanks,
>> Bev


> hi bev,
> thanks for your kind invitation. there are only a few problems here.
> 1. you've got me confused with someone else. i'm am quick to admit
> that this usually doesn't let me get in the way of free food of any
> type.
> 2. 07:00 is too bloody early for me. just the *thought* of getting up
> at that time is stomach churning, but being out the door and
> presentable at that time is unthinkable. and, unfortunately, that's a
> little too late to stay up. i know, i know, you have to do this as
> part of being a high school principal; but i view it *exactly* the same
> as military service ... a bold few do it so the rest of us don't have
> to. (and i thank you for that. sincerely.)
> 3. ever since my 7-year stint at apple i try to work with computers as
> little as possible. it's nearly impossible to do here in the silicon
> valley, but in NM, you have a decent fighting chance to keep them at
> bay. my advice: consider that possibility.
> hope you have a good meeting and a wonderful school year,
> b1