August 02, 2009

craigslist rideshare flakes be gone

i tend to do a LOT of driving (i'm averaging 2k miles per month on the continual car over the last 20 months) and i use craiglist's ride share a LOT. it gives me both company as well as gas money for the ride (nothing doubles your mileage like someone paying for half a tank). the problem is that about one in three people flake on their "commitment" to ride along. it irritates me to no end so i've decided to do something about it ... i'm going to start tagging them here (this is the blog that easily has the most search engine hits of all the ones i'm involved with, so it'll get paid attention to by the engines). my hope is that when people want to google potential riders they'll know what they could be in for.

because all of this is mildly "exposing," i'll put as much absolute truth and attention to detail in here that i can. i want to be very clear about my feelings: yes people's plans change, i understand that. and yes, people can have (sometimes terrible) things come up. but in all cases i've experienced (and those described here), these people did nothing to indicate to me that i should not be picking them up -- i was left hanging, sometimes at literally the last minute.

i'm also sorry that i'm focusing on the negative and not putting my great experiences on here. there have been some really good ones. unfortunately evil 'net robots would probably help undo those people with any information i left, so i have to just let them be.

almost needless to say, my advice if you're giving a ride to anyone on this list is say "no thanks" and go with the next possibility.

if you happen to see this posting, you're on this list and you're pissed about it, you and i need to have a little phone conversation ... because before anything else happens, guess what? you caused me hardship and never apologized for it -- you had me scrambling without even a second thought from your side. all you had to do was call or TXT and say things had changed. a word to anyone here or in the future because it apparently isn't obvious: when things fall apart, you need to inform the people that are depending on you.

i use quotes around the names i was given because, as bo3b johnson so rightly says, "assume everything you read in the internet is a lie unless you have strong reason to believe otherwise."

"Wendee Ayers"
(note: this is NOT her number, but her using the cell of a friend ... he was very reasonable and fine to me which is why i don't mention him by name here.)

i had responded to an older CL ad of hers wanting to take her and her daughter from san diego to las vegas, NV. we traded several emails and TXT, but had agreed that i would pick her up in san diego. in our last batch of communications i said to be sure to give me an address because i was driving to LA at the time and wouldn't be able to talk on the phone. she left a voice mail sometime during that drive saying she was trying to reach me but i was unsuccessful (which, ahem, was what i had already told her).

i sent her an email just past midnight on the day i was to pick her up saying i still needed an address and i was planning on leaving at noon.

at 09:00 that morning i hadn't received a return email or TXT so i called the number i'd been communicating with and got the cell's owner. i let him know i was planning on leaving SD at noon, he said he'd relay the information (and certainly didn't seem surprised by it -- i'm guessing wendee had already informed him).

at 11:45 i hadn't heard anything, i called and he said that wendee had gone to pick up her daughter from fishing and was surprised she hadn't called me. i said i'd be leaving in about 20 minutes.

at 12:15 i called and said i was leaving in 15 minutes. he was still surprised that we hadn't spoken and said, "that may not work for her since she's not in cell phone coverage." i never heard anything from her again.

oh yeah, and this day i'm talking about here? it just happened to be my birthday.

i removed this post 2/3/10 due to comment (and self-constraint) below.


Blogger Zombie Jenn said...

actually, I did have a kidney infection (and spent a solid week in the hospital because of it) and felt pretty badly about bailing on you, until I read this. I would really appreciate it if you took my name, email and phone number off of your blog. when you google search it my number, its the first thing that comes it. its extremely unnerving that you posted such information of mine on YOUR BLOG. so please be considerate and take it down. also, if you have any other comments or questions, you obviously have my contact information, feel free to email me and we will discuss it instead of handling it this way. Thanks.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 5:13:00 PM  
Blogger b1-66er said...

i'll delete the posting and leave your comment.

to be clear, the reason i posted on MY BLOG is because this, right here, is the smallest conceivable virtual version of MY WORLD and you trod directly through it. i can't think of a better venue.

if you felt that badly for that long you should have apologized for stiffing me (which you still haven't done). having said that, you showed tremendous constraint by not just flying off the hook (which is what 99.99% of the netizens would have done) -- that has to be HUGE karmic points in your favor.

be well. (and let your drivers know when you're not.)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 12:48:00 PM  
Blogger Zombie Jenn said...

i understand that it is your blog but you are posting my personal information. regardless of venue you have no idea who i am, what I do or what amount of my personal safety you have violated by posting such information on such an accessible part of the internet. thats my reason for flying off the handle. my personal safety has been put at risk. does that in no way matter? I sure think it does.

also, i am sorry for bailing on you which i stated previously. I understand your being upset. however, just so we are clear, it wasnt something that had been going on for a while. it was something that came on suddenly and my apologizes for not thinking to call my rideshare when i was in severe pain and on my way to the hospital. slipped my mind.

I will be deleting my comments within a few days because, in the end, I dont know you. what I would like is for you to consider what amount of personal safety you violate by putting such information on the internet (more specifically information that isnt yours). when you post a rideshare you invite someone through your little world and by posting their information on the internet you are grossly overstepping your boundaries as a ridesharer.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 1:21:00 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

yeah honestly you should just put yourself up there man.

Inconsiderate douche,
Agreed to join a rideshare group and then violates the trust of the group by feeding his fellow members to the internet.

Saturday, May 08, 2010 7:39:00 AM  

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