August 25, 2009

my new travel 'blog

how can a few weeks go by without me starting yet another writing project?  the answer is, they can't.

i'm writing a travel 'blog that will be active when i take big(ger) trips and dormant nearly all the rest of the time.  first up are my experiences with jetblue's $600 all-you-can-jet (AYCJ) pass i'll be writing about it from now through october 8.  15 legs in 31 days, you'll see a lot of spew.

also, for all you web spiders and anyone else who may be interested, the birdhead and i have created the all-you-can-jet airport locker ... a place where you can get AYCJ clothes, mugs, and yes, bears.  100% of the profits will go to, jetblue's carbon-offset partner.