June 12, 2006

purl, could use your help

super-great to see you on saturday. it was really really niiiice to see
you laugh -- i got the impression you haven't been doing enough of that

i forgot to tell you, i could use your help -- as little or as much as
you can provide. after my book gets done (the author review finishes
next monday), i am going to develop a poker column.

it occurs to me i can do 1 of 2 things with it: self syndicate (it's
foolish for me to sell it to a syndicate because i'd get a fraction of
the money and it's not THAT much more work); or just set up a site,
publish there, and make money off the ads, not the columns.

i'm VERY interested in any opinions you might have regarding this, as
well as any research you've done in the past (or want to do now) as to
the best way to go. i know that some of these poker site folks are
getting as much as $30k/ placement, BUT it seems like a bad idea for me
to take ads from companies that are competitive to mine.

any help you can provide is appreciated.


Blogger purl77 said...

kay, let me mull it over.

do me a kinky favor? i need measurements.

circ of foot @ widest point (ball of foot) in inches in air (not set on ground), length of foot from toe to ankle bone/knob (short of heel) when resting on the floor, length of foot from toe to back of heel resting on floor.

/things i forgot on saturday too :) i even brought the tape measure but was obviously engrossed in other things.

Monday, June 12, 2006 3:50:00 AM  
Blogger b1-66er said...

first, thanks for your help.

okay, measurements -- i hope i'm doing this right:

widest point on foot: 9.5"

length from short of heel to beginnging of big toe: 6"

length from short of heel to end of longest toe (which is the 2nd toe on me/"hammer toe"): 9"

length from end of longest toe to back of the heel: 10.5"

in shoes, i wear a 9.5 men's in chucks and a 10 in adidas. it's a 43 euro.

(why is it i think all these things mean i have a short penis?)

hey, if you want me to start up a special site for you and i to exchange messages, i can -- (most recent question(s):"who is purl?" "are you dating her?"

it would keep prying eyes out and i'm getting goddamn sick of answer questions about you. (HINT TO EVERYONE ELSE: THIS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS.) and wouldn't seem so herky jerky relative to my other stuff here. i could post it under radar. lemme know ...

otherwise i'm tempted to just keep stringing along on this one.

Monday, June 12, 2006 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger purl77 said...

Thanks for the measurements. What's in your pants is your business (and your *thousands* of dance partners too, but I haven't read anything bad on the bathroom walls lately, so no worries.) I'm not a big believer in correlations btw race, shoe, hand, ears... but that isn't *that* kind of blog so, ...

I don't think we need a separate space (esp since you don't use rss?!)-- didn't we try that and it crash y burn? What could we say? I miss you! I miss you too! :)

As to your fan club, you know they're only concerned about *you*. The only things they may know about me would cause my hackles to rise in feminine concern, too...

1) I have an out of control foot fetish.
2) I am so obsessed with myself that I am trying to hijack your blog and clog your comments on an almost daily basis.
3) I may have been, possibly, born a man.
4) I smell like cheese, the kind they don't like.

(Okay, they don't know the 4th one.)

You should come up with some winners in your responses to my identity :) Today it should be... mail order bride in training from the ukraine, practicing her mad ingles skillz. Tomorrow, bored bankok panty boy writing from an s&m coffeehouse/whipping station in winnepeg. Day after that, Richard Brautigan's Marcia, wherever she may be.

I don't mean to pull your space off track though. (Really! Except for the past few-- blame it on a lightheaded weekend.) You want someplace new? Okay :) Let me know. I promise not to try and cause such a fire in a theatre ruckus round these parts from here on in though, kay? Little Jack Horner and everything. (Mm, fingers and pie. Mah favorite.)

It is all my fault, isn't it :)

You're always welcome to come chat on my blog. I have anon comments set up and I'll know who you are (no one reads mine anyway)...

Miss you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 11:16:00 AM  

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