June 15, 2006

kingfeddy haiku

let's head out for lunch
go to the taco bravo
talk about skating


Blogger kingfeddy said...

Ahhhh... Taco Bravo. When I first got hired at Apple, I moved back in with my parents for 6 months. Rather than buy a car, I kept driving my parents old Honda station wagon that had ~140k miles on it. I made an offer on a townhouse, ~$150k, which meant I needed to have $15k at closing time. I don't know how much I started with (not much), but I remember asking the real estate agent "what happens if the closing date comes and I don't have the money?" She looked at me nervously and said "That doesn't happen." For the next couple months I ate at Taco Bravo (aka Taco Barfo) nearly every day. I could stuff myself for 3 or 4 bucks. I had enough money for the house when the time came (barely), and sold it for a big profit 4 years later. All in all, one of the better decisions I've made in my life.

I would like to see you. This past Monday I planned another Creamery run, only to be told by the Queen Bee that she had a board meeting that evening.

Senor Alex recently sent me some skate photos of me circa late 70s. They are sweeeeeeet. I should put one on my non-existant website and/or blog.

Thursday, June 15, 2006 9:07:00 PM  

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