October 17, 2010

quote of the moment

"The 'Culture of Poverty' exists and I see it everyday as an educator in
Detroit. This culture of poverty is not based on race, though in Detroit
the culture is made up of disproportion of black Americans.

In short, the culture of poverty consists of but not limited to the

1. People not taking responsibility for their actions

2. Comfort and preference for living irresponsibly i.e. not working

3. Emphasis and preference for getting high, stealing, uncommitted sex,
and comedy

4. Lifestyle preference for riotous living such as drugs violence, and

5. Value is placed on eating lots of food, sweets, and excessive cheap

6. Low value for education

7. Low trust for the police, schools, hospital and the government

8. No value in being honest

9. High value for getting things illegally, i.e. 'getting the hook

10. High value and honor for being a crook, such as a drug dealer or
loan shark

11. Belief in guessing on standardize tests as a legitimate tool for

-- "Dayspring," commenting on a NYT article