October 24, 2010

buffalo springfield (yesterday)

for the first time in 42 years, some remaining and mostly alive subset
of the buffalo springfield played.

they never bothered to introduce themselves, so i don't know who i'm
talking about here, but the lead singer was clearly enjoying himself --
nervous at first, then surprised that he could actually pull things

the buffalo songs i don't know were the most lacking ... and sounded
sort of the same ... BS songs often remind me of something that, if you
gave them a little more work, they'd actually be good.

the high point was "for what it's worth" (stop children, what's that
sound ...). blues-y and tired. steven stills can still play very
strong and sounds mildly spanish in his style.

the set was just about exactly the right length.

the show ended with everyone who was still left coming out for a finale
of "rockin' in the free world" with eddy vedder and neil trading
vocals. if you exlcude steven stills non-stylistically-fitting solo in
the middle it was a fun (and fairly strong) ending to the day.

i'll be TXTing today's show here.