October 02, 2006

haiku of the moment

there's richard nixon
and a cute bunny rabbit
cottage cheese ceiling


Blogger apollonia said...

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Monday, October 02, 2006 8:03:00 AM  
Blogger purl77 said...

1) the first time i took mushrooms, it was a tiny tiny dose because i was afraid, even though i "knew" as much as there was to know about them and their origin and their grammed intensity. i chewed slowly, glad because i knew they were organic and the taste wasn't from cowpicking but could rightly have been as its so bad, laid on the couch in the living room staring at the ceiling, "waiting." felt nothing but a twist in my stomach, bad taste in my mouth. closed my eyes to perhaps catch a glimpse of dancing behind and a few minutes later, open again to see the stuccoed ceiling seeimingly closer, and the popcorn shapes swirling into itself-- like opening a box full of packing peanuts and a puppy underneath it all. slowly it started twisting into shapes and movement, and the ceiling was alive with stucco ants and their follow the leader dance.

aside: i have a deathfear of ants. its really high up there, i talk about it so maybe i've even told you before... its not that they're bugs, or they bite, but its the hivemind playing out in front of me-- the scenttrails, the unbroken single file, the automaton on six legs and thousands at a time "take me to your leader"-ness. (goosebumps, not the good kind.)

but these ants, these white stuccoed ants held no fear, just fascination. before long i realized that i could will them to spin their paisley dance in the directions i wanted. i also saw that i was staring so hard that i could see the tiny heartbeat pulse from my eyeballs on the periphery of the vision, keeping time and eventually making the ants pulse and beat with my heart.

Monday, October 02, 2006 8:27:00 AM  
Blogger purl77 said...

2) when i was new pregnant, i decided i needed to paint the baby's room before he was going to arrive. this was a old, huge 2nd floor berkeley apt where we'd battled with leaky ceilings on and off during the "rainy" season; brown wastewater that had sat inside the space between the sticky tar roof and the ceiling had finally had enough and pushed on thru during a crashing rain. the first time i saw the leaking i swore under my breath at my roommate, i thought he had dumped a 2 litre of coke on the floor and not cleaned it. (admittedly this was a bit like a dream, since it was something awfully out of character for him and i believed it as if i were breathing, naturally and without question.*) then i saw the dripdripdrip from above (rolling down the walls, beauty except brown), and i felt bad for being mad at my roommate.

the leak happened several disgusting times, and left brown bizzaro puddles on the ceiling inside the stucco. i decided that the child need not see such underneath the puddle stains when he arrived and when i'd paint the room, i'd paint the stucco too.

this was a bad idea.

i still don't know if this is common knowledge, but it wasn't to me. wet paint + popcorn ceiling = wet, light blue popcorn snowstorm... gloppy paint & stucco on my head, in the paint roller, everywhere.

i had to (taking turns, it was exausting work) scrape the stucco off of the ceiling (the biggest mess you could ever imagine) and paint the flat ceiling instead. it took forever but looked beautiful once done.

my kid slept in that room fewer times than i have fingers. (11.) :)

* - i never question in my dreams, and feel like a dunce when i hear that people can.

Monday, October 02, 2006 8:53:00 AM  
Blogger purl77 said...

2a) not stucco but the coke on the floor reminded me:

my college boyfriend and i were living together, and i'd asked him to pour me a soda when he was in the kitchen (but PLEASE don't shake the bottle when you put it back in the fridge-- i'm a nag and he always threw it inside to flatness.)

i'm reading and hear this "whoosh!" and "FUCK!"... run to the kitchen cos i care too much and found soda dripping from the ceiling and the boyfriend.

instead of shaking the soda after pouring it, he decided he would shake the soda before pouring it.

i'm actually pretty proud of myself i didn't clean it up, but less because i know how our story ended

Monday, October 02, 2006 9:01:00 AM  

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