June 03, 2006

kingfeddy: so it begins

{feddy: only *you* would be so egocentric as to want your name in the
titles. let's see, you have a net worth of multi-millions, a wife that
people would commit class 1 felonies for, children that are gentically
predisposed to greatness, and a 6-figure job that you don't actually
have to show up for. and you're worried about be offed by neon
photographs. so be it, all get the "kingfeddy" listing.}

on the shuttle. they've intentionally cut back on the shuttle service
because of the main card cancellation. we've heard, although not from
anyone that appears to have their mental water running deep, that the
undercards still have started at 15:45.

it's 104 degrees and the diesel is idling as the self-proclaimed sharp
trade "humorous" comments. it's important to always, always remember:
these are people who play casino games with an inherent house edge.

and we're off.


Blogger kingfeddy said...

1) Yes, I like my name in the titles.

2) The grass always appears greener on the other side.

Sunday, June 04, 2006 6:54:00 AM  

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