February 03, 2006

conversation with special k -- preamble to "24 hours of t.v."

just had an i.m. conversation with special k about an event that's his idea, but i'm going to participate in: watching 24 hours of television straight. i put the conversation down here for a few reasons:

one, it's a good example of the way my conversations in general tend to run off the rails. i just don't have enough of that on this site. too much b1, not enough of my barely-in-touch-with-reality pals.

two, pulled out of context, it looks hideous -- mostly because things that appear to be abbreviations for known elements actually mean something else. i like that.

three, i like the concept of voyeurism, particularly when it comes to conversations that you shouldn't be privy to.

four, an experiment that i won't further elucidate except to say that special k works for the big G.


b1: special k.

special k: here

b1: okay 24 hours of t.v. you said some stuff about promoting it on blogs, but my mind wasn't there, i was focused elsewhere while you were talking ...
b1: what's the blog tie-in?

special k: I'm thinking that we could debate the rules on our blogs.

b1: okay. it may make more sense to have the "debate" be in one spot, rather than across sites ... like either on yours or mine ... it may or may not make more sense to have postings of the actual event be on the same site as well.
b1: the problem with talking about it across sites (the set-up) is that you have trouble following chronology as a reader.

special k: yeah, maybe just duplicate the discussion in both places

b1: i don't have to have it on mine, i'm more than willing to just do it on yours.
b1: you can post and i can come in as a comment underneath in what we do.

special k: that will probably work. then I can summarize the discussion in more posts, and you can link to it.

b1: right. as you probably already know, my site isn't so much about "what i'm doing today" nor really my current thoughts and actions ... so it's not like i'm missing any gaps ... i'll probably take the actual activity -- my responses to and through the 24hr period on my site (and link to yours too, of course).

special k: OK

b1: ding me whenever you make your first post -- i tend to look at your site only on about a weekly basis and won't pick up the discussion quickly enough, otherwise.

special k: oh, I'm sure I'll talk to you or email you before I post.
special k: Looking at my calendar, I'm thinking maybe the weekend of 18/19 or 25/26.
special k: do those work for you?

b1: 25/26

special k: That would be an interesting time slot. Tail end of the Winter Olympics, before Spring Training really starts.
special k: The world will be hungry for frivolous media.

b1: and you're more-than-willing to oblige.

special k: Right on.

b1: there's something vaguely sick about you. there always has been.

special k: That's what gives me my spice.
special k: Hmm. Should I register 24hoursofTV.com? Hmm. Hmm.

b1: do you have a plan to somehow make this "bigger?"

special k: not really. I just want it to be fun.

b1: and registering 24hoursoftv.com makes it more "fun."

special k: exactly!

b1: okay.

special k: or I could KKK it: I can get 24hoursofTV.typepad.com for free. ;-)

b1: THAT is more fun.
b1: if you had a say, how would you want me to describe you, just in general?
"special k is that vaguely sick jew?"

special k: you have to throw in "nice" somewhere, then you're golden.

b1: okay. "special k is that nice, vaguely sick jew."

special k: Perfect!

b1: i should just post this i.m. conversation to my blog and see how long it takes your employer to shut me down for a hate crime.

special k: Good social experiment.

b1: you're full of ideas. good to see that your education wasn't wasted on you ... at least through the 5th grade.

special k: hah, I learned nothing in school.

b1: you can spell.
b1: you can write.
b1: you have more books to your name than i do.
b1: (and i don't have zero)

special k: Instinct.
special k: hey, I'm gonna go grab lunch.
special k: I'll be back in 10 or less, if you want to continue.

b1: okay.

special k: brb

b1: wait, you just had an a.p.

special k: I'm just grabbing some food before it's gone.

b1: you're such a thinker.

special k: plus that was like 3 hours ago

b1: even though you shouldn't eat for about five days.

special k: true

b1: i'm putting this conversation on my site.

special k: (reading it over now)
special k: seems boring to me

b1: people will think it's funny.
b1: you're too close to it.
b1: they'll think the non-boring parts are funny.
b1: this conversation is like king kong. it takes awhile to get going, but once it does, it's pretty good.
b1: and we don't have jack black. which makes this conversation about 10x as good as kk.

special k: and no less musical