February 12, 2006

24 Hours of TV -- the Deal is Set

These are the stipulations for 24 hours of TV under agreement with Special K.

1. 24 Hours of TV (24HTV) runs from noon 25 February 2006 to noon 26 February 2006, Pacific Standard Time. We must be in the room with the TV for at least 55 minutes of every hour.

2. We will change the channel every 15 minutes, on the quarter hour. This is designed to enhance weirdness and to prevent viewing complete programs.

3. To determine the new channel, we'll use any means to select a new channel number. Acceptable means include 10-sided dice, playing cards, software, and currency serial numbers. For example, because we'll be watching DirecTV (3-digit channel numbers), we'll pick three playing cards. We'll broadcast our channel changes, along with other chatter, in AIM chatroom TV24HR; you can follow our changes, or pick your own.

4. If the newly selected channel is not actually broadcasting, we'll draw randomly for channels twice looking for an active channel. If we draw blanks two times in a row, we'll round up to the next active channel.

5. A key principle of 24HTV is that we never get to choose what we're watching. If we don't like a show, we're stuck with it for 15 minutes. If we like what we're watching, you have to leave it behind anyway. And no fair using technology to help: no DVR features (pause/rewind), no DVDs, no Internet, no videogames, no VCRs.

6. B1-66er will be allowed "special means" to watch short track speed skating if it's on during the broadcast. The special means have not yet been determined.

7. The official food of 24HTV is Totino's Pizza Rolls.

I will be updating this site extensively during that time. Be warned.


Blogger Matt Deatherage said...

Oh, short track speed skating will be on during your little stunt - the men's 500m, women's 1000m, and men's 5000m relay events are all contested on the 25th, the last day of competition.

All three events will be delayed and broadcast on the local NBC affiliate in prime time on Saturday the 25th. Here's the schedule for the South Bay area.

Good luck. If you wanted to raise money for charity or something, you could ask for sponsors and let them choose 15 minutes of crap you'd have to watch, but that may be too sadistic, given that DirecTV has so many MTV and holy-roller channels.

Monday, February 13, 2006 8:16:00 AM  

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