January 13, 2006

why "the world's best mechanical engineer?"

faithful readers, you may notice that whenever i refer to my brother i always say he is the world's best mechanical engineer. i say this not only because it is true, but also as a mild search engine hack. by linking the phrase "world's best mechanical engineer" with the site www.scottharlanpe.com, i'm trying to get google and their ilk to recognize him in the raw search engine results ...

and so far, so good. google won't always give you the same search results every time you look for a word or phrase, but just now looking for "world's best mechanical engineer" brings him up sixth (and first as a person). NOT BAD CONSIDERING HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN THE WORLD.

if you'd like to help out on any website you have, you're certainly welcome to. with your help, my brother can be the the world's best mechanical engineer. and honestly, can you think of anyone more deserving of the title?


(special k, if you rat this out to google, i swear to god i'll make your life miserable.)